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Disk usage

The primary disk is using 100,00% of its capacity, meaning 0,0 GB is still free to use and 0,1 GB is already used.

The secondary disk is using 68,18% of its capacity, so a whopping 2.500,6 GB is used and just 1.166,9 GB is free.


The system is running for a wile now; 2 days and 4:40 and 0 users and hours to be precise.

System info

This system is happily running DSM .- using Linux kernel

Memory stats

15,50 MB of memory is still free of the 243,58 MB total memory. In other words: 93,64% is used of all memory.

We also like to swap a lot. so currently 69 MB is swapped. Just in case, 1.979 MB is left to be used for swap purposes.


Will be implemented asap